Small scale renewable-energy system for a rural school in Colombia

Universidad De Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, partners with Purdue EPICS to spread community service through engineering across the globe. Through outreach with a local Colombian school, Escuela Normal, EPICS hopes to utilize renewable energy to inspire engineering education while helping students minimize their school's environmental impact.

The Colombia Team is working with UniNorte to create educational demonstrations for the students at Escuela Normal. These demonstrations will encourage engineering-based learning as well as inspire the future generation of innovative thinkers. 


See Project(s) below! 

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Solar Oven Demo

El Horno Solar

This demo aims to demonstrate energy conversion, insulation, and transfer through a fun and tasty project. 

Spring 2021

Hydraulic Energy

Water Turbine Demo

This demo aims to demonstrate how hydraulic energy can resolve some problems in society, and to get students more involved in engineering.

Spring 2021

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Circuit Board Game Demo

This demo aims to teach students the basics of how electricity works by building an interactive circuit that showcases how electricity flows through it.

Spring 2022

Balloon Car Demo

This demo aims to teach students how chemical energy can be converted into kinetic energy. 

Spring 2022


Induction Bike Demo

This demo aims to teach students the basics of how electricity works and how kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy. 

Spring 2022

Electrical Team

This team is currently planning a solar power system for Escuela Normale. This system will be for both functional and educational purposes. 

Coming Soon



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